What type of pharmacies are able to purchase from Oak Drugs?


What type of pharmacies are able to purchase from Oak Drugs?
What is the minimum order for next day delivery?

Oak Drugs provides Next Day Shipping nationwide as long as you meet our minimum order of $150.00.

What billing terms does Oak Drugs offer its customer?

We have two options available to all of our customers, Net 30 Terms or Bi-Weekly Billing (Ask your account rep for details).

What form or payment does Oak Drugs accept?

• We accept all major credit cards (including Amex and Discover)
• ACH Transfers
• Faxed Checks
• Wire Transfers
• C.O.D.

How do I sign up with Oak Drugs and is there a contract involved?

You can either fill out attached credit application by clicking on the Resources Link on our Home Page or contact your sales rep so that they can email you a copy.

When signing up with Oak Drugs there are NO CONTRACTS, you can buy products as needed and there is no need to meet any designated sales volume.

I can’t find a particular product on your website, can you still procure it for my pharmacy?

Oak Drugs is constantly searching for new medications to source on a daily basis, any time you cannot find a product on our website please feel free to ask your rep and we will do our best to find it for you at a highly competitive price.

Does Oak Drugs provide pedigree on their products?

Oak Drugs provides Pedigree Transaction Reports on every item that we distribute, you can log in to our website to view any invoice and obtain the transaction report or you can also ask your rep to send you a particular transaction report and we will get it over to you right away.